This is the story of the best day ever with my best friend:

On the morning of Sunday October 20th George not only let me sleep in late AND took the dog out for his morning business, but he also woke me up with all the love and kisses in the world.

I finally peeled myself out from under the covers, showered and got ready for the day! We took our pug puppy, Artie, for his favorite walk downtown. We brought him to the puppy store to buy him a harness and a Red Sox food mat (both of which he loves).

We spent the afternoon walking up and down Main Street for a good two and a half hours before returning home. This entire season I’ve been more homesick than usual. It’s a mixture of obviously missing my friends, but also my favorite pumpkin patch, my favorite pizza, my favorite apple cider, my favorite trees, etc. To cheer me up, George said he’d come with me on a pumpkin patch finding adventure: Cape Cod edition! We hopped my car with our handsome puppy in hopes he’d get to run around his first pumpkin patch! So, our original plan was ruined due to us forgetting it was a Sunday on a seasonal island and we ended up arriving a few minutes too late to the only open pumpkin patch we could find.

A long period of being grumpy and bummed ensued. Then out of no where George came up with a great idea to get pumpkins from Trader Joes so we could still have fun carving pumpkins AND eating seeds. If we couldn’t have the pumpkin patch experience we could still have the carving one! The trader Joes plaza also has George’s store next to it so all three of us stopped in for delicious treats per request of George. He ordered me a hot caramel apple cider and himself a pumpkin chai. The puppy received a kiss on the head. After, we walked over to trader joes and George picked out the two most PERFECT pumpkins. Lucky little me was chosen to stay outside with Artie while he went inside to pay. While he was inside George grabbed some Orange chicken and French fries for dinner along with sweet potato chips to snack on!

After snagging a pumpkin carving kit from my work we drove home to get started! We gutted the pumpkins out first then I proceeded to sift through the guts to find all the seeds while George made us a delicious late dinner! While the seeds were boiling we ate our dinner in front of the tv because the Addams family was playing (which just so happens to be one of his favorite movies ever). George was even sweet enough to grab me a glass of wine!

After we were full we started carving, but George was being super secretive and wouldn’t allow me to see what he was doing. I didn’t think too much about it so I started to carve a very traditional pumpkin and finished fairly quickly. George was afraid I’d see his pumpkin so he told me to just sit on the couch, watch the Addams Family, relax and wait.

After a few minutes he told me to start shutting the lights off so we could light our pumpkins together. I had an extra candle at the top of the stairs so I went up to grab it. When I came down George was waiting with a huge grin on my favorite face of his. He took my hand and escorted me to the kitchen with one hand covering my eyes and the other holding my hand. With my eyes still covered he turned me facing the kitchen counter where our pumpkins were and told me to open when he said to.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting he finally gave me the “okay, Open your eyes Christy.” Sitting on the kitchen counter was his perfect round pumpkin that read “Will you marry me?” It took me a second to process what was actually happening and of course I immediately started gushing. The waterworks came. I could barely speak. I turned around and there was my favorite human being down on one knee, ring in hand.

It’s all a blur but thinking back on it I recall that I might have said yes a few times too many. He might not admit to it but he had big baby tears all up in his eyes the entire time. Although I didn’t know it at the time it was 10:20 at night on 10/20 when he asked me.

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