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week 39 day 3: still no sign of labor.

thankful for: George’s shirts + boxers, my luscious hair (shoutout to my prenatals), and the cool weather.

upset about: my dumb brain left the AC upstairs on all day. it’s absolutely freezing.

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I’m having such a stellar day and it’s all thanks to my family + George.

My mom came over this morning with my grandma to help me make room for some of the things George’s parents dropped off to us. Then they asked me what my craving was today (pancakes) and treated me to a late breakfast at our favorite place in our neighborhood.

Once they left I had time to snug with Artie and George surprised us by coming home an hour and a half early! I was sitting in my new rocking chair in his boxers and a tshirt, looking real good. The first words out of his mouth were “Hi :) I just want you to know, you’re body is incredible. You’ve done so well with your pregnancy and it’s amazing how you are all belly with your original figure. You just grew a belly.”

And then after he got out of the shower he stopped and looked at me and said “you’re also having a really good hair day.” Even though he was exhausted from waking up early for work and wanted to relax he felt bad I sit cooped up in the house all day so we went to the mall. He bought me frozen yogurt and even rubbed my back while eating it.

***EDIT: then we came home and he made us hand cut French fries with our own seasoning concoction for dinner even though it was 10 pm.

I just feel so loved and so wonderfully supported. We just can’t wait to add Emerson to our loving family!

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